The Rhythm Coffin’s Worldwide Premiere of “Headless Head Bop” Music Video this Thanksgiving on American Horrors

November 25th, 2019
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Hollywood, CA – The Rhythm Coffin’s new music video “The Headless Head Bop” will premiere this Thursday on the American Horrors Channel during the Groovey TV Thanksgiving Special 8:30ish pm (central time/6:30ish pm Pacific). 

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The Groovey TV Thanksgiving Special Line Up:

  • American Horrors Premiere of the motion comic “The Front Lines of Good Times”.
  • Worldwide Premiere of the cooking segment “I Will Eat You” with your hosts, the loveable lads of metal band Hail Satan.
  • American Horrors Premiere of “MyGals Ghouls” your latest & greatest guide to DIY make up effects wizardry!
  • Worldwide Premiere of The Rhythm Coffin’s video “The Headless Head Bop”.
  • Memorial and tribute interview segment with the legendary Sid Haig.
  • American Horrors Premiere of Awake For Days Video “With You”.
  • Comedy-horror fan favorite short film Slaughsages and interview with the director.
  • Plus a whole bunch of stuff we’re not going to tell you about!!

American Horrors has been streaming 24/7 since October 2 nd, 2011, when it was originally launched on billionaire Alki David’s selection of online streaming channels (in direct competition with the American central Hulu online streaming service), and has gone on to be the pre-eminent American independent horror channel, lead by legendary Horror King, Hart D. Fisher.