Pro touring and studio drummer Nicholas Mason, known as the “Living Dead Drummer” has signed a management deal with Music Gallery International! Nick is known for his work with Street Drum Corps, The Rhythm Coffin, and Europe’s V2A. He has also made live, recorded, and/or video appearances with groups such as Beasto Blanco, Orianthi, TUFF, Daisy DeLaHoya, Shania Twain, Nik West, and many more. 
Nick Mason on working with MGI and Shawn Barusch,”Shawn came very highly recommended by a number of people. The person that introduced us vouched for him right off the bat. I trust that guy and then I found out that Shawn and I have a lot of mutual friends and connections. From there I did my homework and kinda poked around and asked around within my circles a little bit and everybody across the board came back with two thumbs up. That made me feel really comfortable with essentially handing him the keys and saying “Alright,let’s go for this ride.””
“Because MGI has so many musicians contacting us for management, along with bands asking for us to help find members, we have decided to start connecting artists with artists looking to build a future together,” said MGI founder Shawn Barusch. “We at MGI are pleased to announce our first solo artist signing! The man who epitomizes professional etiquette, experience and badassery the “Living Dead Drummer” Nick Mason!”
Expect to be hearing a lot of exciting news about Nick Mason in the coming months.